Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Japanese composer and musician known for his trailblazing work in electronic pop and film scores, has died at the age of 71. According to a statement posted on his website, Sakamoto passed away on March 28 after a multi-year battle with cancer.

Sakamoto was a prolific artist, who enjoyed a diverse and wide-ranging career that spanned several decades. As a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra and a solo artist, he was instrumental in the development of electronic music and influenced the work of numerous artists in the genre. He also composed music for films, including Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor” and Nagisa Oshima’s “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence,” for which he received an Academy Award nomination.

Sakamoto’s passing has been mourned by fans and fellow musicians around the world, who have paid tribute to his innovative spirit and musical legacy. His contribution to the world of music will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans for years to come.

Ryuichi Sakamoto, the legendary Japanese composer and musician widely regarded as a pioneering figure in electronic pop music, has passed away. According to a statement published on his website, Sakamoto died on March 28 after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was considered one of the leading lights of the electronic music scene and a major influence on the genre, having helped shape the sound of the 1980s through his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra and his solo career. His contributions to music, film, and culture will be remembered as a groundbreaking and innovative legacy that inspired countless artists and fans around the world.

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